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download worldbox mod apk latest version .in worldbox modern city you can make a new world in free.worldbox free with unlimted features.
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WorldBox is a multiplayer online game where you create, explore, and survive in a vast sandbox world. Explore an expansive world with unique biomes, towns, dungeons, and secrets. Form alliances with other players to take on challenges or rule the land as king.

WorldBox is an application for virtual reality that will allow the user to explore the earth, all of its continents, and oceans. It can be used in many ways; for example, it can be used by teachers to teach their students about geography or by travelers who want to see places they may never visit in person. Everything is unlocked in the world box mod apk, and you can do anything.

WorldBox is an app that allows users to create 3D models in minutes. It also includes a community of people who can download the models and request changes or submit their models to the WorldBox team for review.

Introduction of World Box

WorldBox is a game that is announced in the game industry. The game was created by Derek Lidsky, who has done other games like Heads Up! It has the theme of space exploration, and you need to explore the universe.

The objective of WorldBox is to collect all kinds of minerals used for crafting items and upgrading your character. But in the worldbox mod apk, you can get unlimited minerals. WorldBox is a game that can be downloaded on Google Play Store. It is one of the most popular games in the world. It has over 500 million downloads, and more than 1 billion game rounds played to date. The game was created by FunPlus, a company based in Beijing. WorldBox is available for iOS and Android devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and tablets running on Android 3.1 or higher.

The gameplay includes two parts: exploration and battles against aliens. In the exploration stage, players build their utopian world from scratch. Build new buildings and world graphics.

People can plant trees to create forests, dig up caves to form a quarry, raise buildings in different shapes and sizes used as headquarters or factories.

Introduction of Worldbox mod apk

worldbox mod apk is a modified version of the world box app, which you can download from the given link. Players use their fingers or keyboard to create an unlimited number of worlds without restrictions on size, complexity, or design. They can also import their textures for generating realistic-looking terrain and objects.
The game also includes a story mode with six different chapters that are unlocked over time as you progress through the game. These chapters consist of various tasks that you need to complete to win the game. WorldBox modded apk is not an illegal version of the game; it has some unlocked features. It’s possible to get unlimited money and resources without spending real money. The MOD version of WorldBox is for people who are not satisfied with the original game.

The MOD version offers new features that the original game does not have, such as different camera settings, new shapes, and models. It also offers new starting positions for different surfaces, such as water or grass.
It’s not uncommon for games to get MOD versions on third-party sites before they are officially released. The MOD APK version of WorldBox is no exception to this trend, and players can download it from third-party websites like Aptecch or apkcrowl.

Build Worldbox Modern City

Building a world in WorldBox is an easy process that anyone can enjoy.
In WorldBox, there are three main types of worlds that you can create: the default world, the infinite world, and the flat world.

  • The default world has a high resolution of 3600 x 3600 squares, and it’s the recommended type for beginners.
  • The infinite world has a high resolution of 12000 x 12000 squares, but it’s only available on the PRO version (and it costs $25).
  • The flat world is 1000 x 1000 squares and is also only available on PRO ($25), .but with the help of worldbox mod apk, you can make the flat world free of cast.


One of the most popular modes in WorldBox is Hero Mode. This game includes a 1vs1 battle against another player to eliminate them from the game. Players need to defeat other players by utilizing their skills and weapons to survive in this competitive world box mod apk game.

Worldboxmod apk available for android

WorldBox is a game that is available for android devices. The game is all about fighting with other players. The game has many modes like Hero Mode, Unfair Mode, etc. Each mode contains different features and battles. WorldBox is a survival game with many similarities to the popular DayZ game. The difference is that it takes place in a more complex world with complex systems for trading resources. The game has been out on the PC for quite some time now, but it is only recently that they have released an APK version of WorldBox.

Features of WorldBox MOD APK

WorldBox is a game that was originally designed for children. The game uses location data to create an immersive experience for the players. This article will be looking into the features of WorldBox MOD APK. It will also provide you with information on installing this mod on your device if you are interested in doing so.

  • It includes infinite resources, 100% protection from damage, and is easy to spawn.
  • It also includes an in-game map with the ability to teleport anywhere in just one tap without walking or flying.
  • Players can create lifeforms and landscapes, explore the ocean’s depths, and navigate their planets and solar systems.
  • WorldBox is a 3D sandbox game that offers players a virtual world to explore and shape as they choose.
  • Create lifeforms: Create new species on earth or distant planets.
  • Explore your world: Play in sandbox mode or go spelunking beneath the surface.
  • Solve mysteries: Discover hidden treasures, find new species, and unlock secret chambers.
  • Build your planet: Create entire worlds from scratch with terraforming tools.


WorldBox MOD APK is the latest game to provide players with an immersive, realistic world of exploration. The game is set in a future where humanity has been destroyed. All living creatures have died, except for one man. Join him on his journey to rebuild the world and start humanity all over again.



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