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Millions of People are fans of this game. Since GTA is making Open world games People Become fans of these games. The first game was released by GTA in 1997 and since then, it has come a long way. Now GTA 5 Mobile APK Download from our site. GTA 5 is a full-action, adventure, and open-world game that brings you to Los Santos City. When GTA 5 is released it breaks all other games and becomes the highest net worth game ever. It has sold almost 137 million copies and got 6$ billion in sales. Rockstar Games released GTA 5 on Sep 2013 If you’re playing for the first time and looking for information about this game, It was available only on gaming consoles and computers, But no you can easily install it on android platform. 

Rockstar Studio released more games such as GTA Vice City, GTA 3, and GTA San Andreas. All of these games do not make a proper profit, As it is so much popular on Computer and Gaming Console do developers decide to launch it on android (smartphone). Now everyone wants to download it on their smartphone. For now, Rockstar did not publish it on Google Play. So it’s available only in Beta Version on Android. So therefore it’s facing some problems (errors) from time to time. You need to download it as an APK file and then install it on your smartphone, it is not available on the Play store as an Official. As you know this game has high graphics so its requirement is more from Mobile devices. Fortunately, you can pick the low graphics settings from the settings(in the game), which help you to increase the frame rate to run the game smoothly on your phone. The more RAM and Latest Processor help your phone to play the GTA 5 Smooth. 

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  1. Large Map size –  GTA 5 is open world game and it consists of  Los santos city and Village area. However it looks like Los Angeles, and it has a VINEWOOD sign that is based on a HOLLYWOOD sign. It has a large area to explore.
  2. Vehicle – As a big game its collection of vehicles is great. GTA 5 has hundreds of Vehicles you can use while playing the game. It consists of cars,buses,trucks,vans,SUVs,Aeroplanes,boats etc.
  3. Characters – Most of the games have one playable character. But in GTA Five you can manage 3 characters. The Characters are Michel, Franklin and Travor. Whenever, if you want to play 2nd or 3rd character anytime you can easily switch the character. 
  4. Mission –  GTA 5 is an open world game but it has a lot of missions which make the game more joyful. These missions create a story for each character. If you start playing this game you want to complete all of its missions at once. But it is too long a story.
  5. Mini Games – Yes, you think right, In gta 5 there are a lot of mini games that you can find in bars and stores. You can play and 
  6. Online & Offline – GTA 5 is offline but it’s also available online for multiplayers. Many players play GTA 5 online.


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